About Us

SAGA Meadery officially started producing meads in 2015. The company was founded on the desire of its founder to share high quality meads with the world. At SAGA, we want to bring mead back to its former glory and ubiquity.

About The Founder

Kevin Poplaski has always been a great lover of books. In their pages, he discovered many characters enjoying mead in different contexts. He became curious about mead in college but was unable to find it anywhere. Not to be deterred, he took a friend’s suggestion to make it his own. He always had a natural affinity for the kitchen and after buying some equipment, he gave his first batch a try under his dorm room bed. After many revisions, moving out of the dorm room and listening to very patient family testers, he finally found the high quality meads that he would be proud to share with the world.


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Sweet Orange Spice

An old classic, Sweet Orange Spice is a year-round delight offered by Saga Meadery. Based on ancient recipes from our founders’ Lithuanian heritage with a modern twist, Sweet Orange Spice uses the choicest oranges, the most succulent clover honey and the finest species. *Best served chilled.


Crisp Apple

Welcome the first breath of new life with the clean and crisp flavor of juicy apples, sweet clover honey and delicate blend of spices. Grab a bottle or two of Crisp Apple Mead, call a few friends and use it as an excuse to celebrate opening day baseball, a reward for starting spring-cleaning or for no reason at all! *Best served cold or at room temperature.


Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin and spice and all things nice swirling in a hint of vanilla! We bring you Pumpkin Spice, our tribute to fall. Serve it room temperature or chilled and let this bottle of honeyed goodness accompany you through celebrations of Thanksgiving and Halloween or just provide cozy comfort on cool fall days.


Sunburst Citrus

We at Saga Meadery love the sweet tartness of lemons and honey on a hot, sunny day. A sweet mead with a slight sour bite, Sunburst Citrus tastes like a fresh-squeezed lemon over crushed ice with honey drizzled over the top. It is the perfect drink to quench your thirst and take a break from the summer heat, whether on a rooftop bar, at the beach or at home. *Best served cold.


Winter Cheer

This heady spiced mead brings together the warm flavors of allspice, cloves and other spices to create an abundance of aromas floating in the air, each one reminiscent of hopes, joys and gatherings of family and friends. Winter Cheer captures the taste of the holiday season and perfectly complements any meal. *Best served at room temperature or mulled.


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